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Pond Power Outage Preparation

Pond Power outage preparation. What do you do when the power to the pond goes out?  Are you properly prepared? Ponds are a big investment and its not a bad idea to consider how to handle a power...

Pond Pumps and Proper Sizing

There are two common types pf pond pumps.  They are the submerged and external pond pumps. Submerged Pond Pumps                 Submerged pond pumps are the most common type of pond...

koi food

KOI Food and Koi Feeding Information Koi feeding is based upon the time of year and accordingly the temperature of the water. Below 50 Deg F – Don’t Feed. 50 to 70 Deg F – Wheat germ based...

Pond Winterization

Pond Winterization Check List and Tips Do you live in an area where your pond freezes over a few months out of the year? Here are a few winterizing tips for a koi pond or any other kind of outdoor...

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