Pond Power Outage Preparation

Pond Power outage preparation.

What do you do when the power to the pond goes out?  Are you properly prepared?

Ponds are a big investment and its not a bad idea to consider how to handle a power outage.

The big thing is to keep the water oxygenated and moving. You can do this with a relatively small air pump and bubble diffuser. You can find air pumps that run off 12V DC current (car battery). A deep cycle boat battery would be best. You can run the air pump off the battery and you can charge the battery with a solar panel trickle charger. You would want to test run it to see how long it will last and maybe have a second battery available as a backup.  The pump and charger can be found on Amazon.  The battery can come from any Walmart or Car parts store.

Along with that, stop feeding while the power is out. You don’t want any more waste build up than necessary.  Don’t be afraid not feed them for 7 or more days if necessary.  They are better hungry than dead.

The nitrification process of breaking down ammonia consumes oxygen and is always present in a properly cycled pond. So while the bacteria is doing its job reducing ammonia and nitrites, its robbing the water of O2 and suffocating the fish.  This is normally not an issue with a properly functioning filtration system.

What your trying to prevent here is “Crashing” the system and simply maintaining what you have until the filtration system is back up and running. 

Remember, if you continue to build up waste in the system, the O2 drops, life in the pond starts to die off, including bacteria, and then the entire system “Crashes” and there goes the pond.

A little bit or preparation and planning can go a long way.